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Customers, employees and partners rely on secure Identity and Access Management to run their businesses.  Without it, operations, processes and information access grind to a halt. We believe that Identity should be the foundation of EVERY experience in an enterprise, whether it be walking into the building, or accessing information in ERPs, CRMs, or other High-Privilege systems.

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Trust But VERIFY

Users in your workforce, customer base, or partner network, are integral parts of how any enterprise functions. However, it is imperative that organizations have a clear, auditable, and secure process to provide, attest, and review user access, and thereby act upon the deliberations of that process to keep people and systems secure. RAAH orchestrates Identity in client environments that accounts for 360 Degree visibility and control that puts the power in your users’ hands and keeps that power in check.

Why Work With Us?

Process, Process, Process

You can spend millions on software, personnel, and infrastructure to run your Identity program, but none of it matters in face of inefficient processes that belabor your personnel, and an un-orchestrated environment, which is 80% of the entire program itself. RAAH starts from scratch with every client; We emphasize the importance of aligning IT, Support, and business from top-down, and architect solutions that eliminate process gaps that cause slowdowns in workforce productivity and inefficiencies in customer experiences (UX and CX).

Customized Solutions

Partner IAM Services

RAAH Technologies’ solutions first and foremost fit your business and your business goals.  Our solutions are platform-agnostic, allowing you the flexibility and security to scale as necessary – at significant cost savings.

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Tailored Services

IAM Services Company

Our team has the expertise and resources to seamlessly and successfully manage our solutions.  We also ensure that your teams can fully utilize the tools we recommend.  We provide as little or as much oversight as you need.  And we carefully screen our partners to do the same.

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Proven Process

Our 360-degree assessment covers every aspect of your current IAM environment, identifying potential gaps, redundancies and vulnerabilities.  From there, we develop a common-sense roadmap that takes into account all the factors unique to your business.

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The Way Forward

RAAH Technologies’ IAM Solutions and Services not only boost security, but we also provide valuable insight into employee efficiency, customer activity, and enterprise revenue trends.

Our Identity and Access Management solutions provide your company the flexibility to grow, change, adapt and prosper.  RAAH Technologies’ strategic approach focuses on the needs of your enterprise, not on what we can upsell or over-promise. Our comprehensive evaluation process delivers high-quality, scalable, identity solutions that help grow your business.

Cox Automotive

“Mergers and acquisitions often make IAM requirements very complex. Only after understanding the sources of data, target systems, processes, and technology platforms can one evaluate and analyze all merging companies to define a strategy, create a roadmap, and perform platform selections. RAAH Technologies’ advisory services were instrumental to supporting our Oracle Identity and Access Management and Okta solutions. Their expertise and thought leadership were key in designing, implementing, and delivering the support required for our IAM portfolio.”

Gary Burpo Cox Auto
Gary Burpo

Director of Technology (IAM), Cox Automotive

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If you are serious about network security, employee efficiency, customer experiences and quality partnerships, then RAAH Technologies can help you figure out where your organization stands today and where the gaps are in your technology platforms. We offer a Free Assessment that takes 2 to 5 days and ends with a review of our findings and preliminary recommendations.

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Deep talent and years of experience make us uniquely qualified to work with a wide range of businesses and government agencies.

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We understand that identity is a universal key to business success.  Let us show you how we can ensure your business operations and sensitive data work for you, not against you.

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