Workforce IAM Case Study

Air Transport

We helped a leader in the global air transport industry transition from an existing mainframe environment to a web-based application environment – ensuring high performance for the enterprise and its customers without disrupting operations.


For an Air Transportation solution provider, RAAH Tech transitioned their centralized, clunky and expensive mainframe IAM system to a distributed model that seamlessly integrates into the application/services model, better serving customers, decreasing costs and setting the standard for organization’s IAM for the next decade.


As a result of our understanding of their business and its future needs, we created a framework allowing for constant improvements in services provided to customers while building from a strong footing that secures user and device identities.


RAAH Tech’s solutions improved outcomes and technologies as well as aligned and orchestrated process flows.

Ultimately, we gave our client capital-generating solutions that increased customer confidence in security.

Product Catalog

  • Oracle Entitlement Server
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Identity Analytics
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Weblogic
  • Oracle Entitlement Server
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Service Bus

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