CIAM Case Study


We transitioned a multi-site, multi-faceted, widely varying CIAM environment for our client to one based on a specific user profile, providing an individualized, single identity, user experience across the customer base.


Our client, a large apparel retailer, was saddled with multiple customer websites due to rapid expansion via several mergers and acquisitions. As a result of this growth, customers were able to transact with the company but the business lacked a single customer view across its sites and loyalty platforms. Customer engagement was severely hampered by limited content curation, zero cross-site exposure and missed cross-selling and marketing opportunities. Additionally, a disproportionate amount of budget was allocated to IT overhead for the multiple properties.


We were engaged to centralize user identities across a multitude of customer sites with no existing central Identity Repository or system in a largely distributed environment.

We teamed with key stakeholders to conduct a thorough analysis of each business unit to determine individual group requirements per platform. We then developed a plan to link these needs and provide users a consistent experience across the enterprise.


RAAH utilized a virtualized directory to ingest all users across multiple sites. Our process enabled live site updates user data on the backend in backup files simultaneously with an update of the virtual directory with that data.

We continued to collect user data into this single repo from multiple sites, coordinating with business, marketing, and IT across the company. Our recommended CIAM solution requirements were able to service all different customer types on every customer-facing site via the virtualized identity repository. The result was a smooth migration with zero customer impact. Our solution also created new marketing and cross-site opportunities for the entire business.  Additionally, this virtualization solution helped consolidate workforce users, providing a streamlined system for both internal and customer Identity Management at this merger-friendly enterprise.

Product Catalog

  • Radiant Logic Virtual Directory
  • Gigya
  • Custom Data Transfer Utility

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