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We helped our client seamlessly and transparently upgrade customer identity and access across multiple sites and apps by orchestrating a strategic migration of old systems, users and rules with zero customer impact.


As part of their digital transformation initiative, our client sought to leverage data across sites, mobile apps, rewards programs and in-store interactions for both customers and employees.

The existing, on-premise CIAM program presented several issues including a disjointed customer U/X, hosting and maintenance overhead, a cumbersome support process and a lack of scalability.  Most importantly, the program did not meet the organization’s future requirements for rapid deployment of new customer-centric programs.


We conducted a thorough analysis of business and marketing goals, drawing up a 5-year identity plan that aligned with those as well as enterprise-wide needs. RAAH recommended, implemented and managed a Dev-Ops, rapid deployment and scalability-friendly CIAM system that allowed for the rapid rollout of applications, services and in-store events that all leveraged User Identity data. We migrated an in-flight environments rules and users with zero customer impact and seamlessly transitioned to a new CIAM solution.

Additionally, we found a CIAM solution that could also double as a workforce Identity federation solution, creating a two-fold effect in terms of future-proofing for both customer and workforce experiences.


By placing Identity at the center of everything, we created a seamless environment in which the client could consistently roll out digital programs to customers and workforce. This solution held true to our single identity principle, enabling convenient customer experiences and delighting business units previously struggling to see a single view of customers across all digital touchpoints.

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