Workforce Identity Case Studies

Workforce/Enterprise Identity can make or break productivity at your organization. When underestimated, bad WIAM can lead to expensive security incidents.

RAAH’s clients leverage us to minimize/eliminate insider and external threats

Big Box Retailer

RAAH Implemented a full-suite, modern, and future-proofed Identity Governance and Administration solution to cover Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) use cases for all types of users and privilege levels

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Real Estate Financing

This Finance Org used RAAH to shore up gaps in their Privileged Systems, eliminating Identity Lifecycle inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in customer service and data retention systems.

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Metals & Manufacturing

A growing player in the Metals Industry leveraged RAAH to build a scalable Identity Management SOC and Solution set that will scale with them over the coming decade of business expansion

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Air Transportation

We helped an Air Transportation Titan transition from a mainframe tech to a web-based services environment – ensuring high performance for the enterprise and its customers without disrupting operations.

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Automotive Sales

We tailor built an IAM solution that remediated security gaps and provided improved efficiencies and process flows for a large automotive conglomerate bogged down by outdated legacy systems.

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Financial Services

A financial services company with thousands of individual touchpoints leveraged RAAH to integrate an end-to-end IAM solution tiered to their needs as a business in a highly scrutinized industry

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Federal Agency

A targeted IAM approach allowed us to meet this financial agency’s stringent access needs for thousands of institutional users, providing security, automation, and peace of mind

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Energy Company

Our 360-degree analysis of a leading energy provider’s potential attack surfaces helped use existing Access Management investments to safeguard critical energy grid infrastructure and systems.

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Social Media Gaming

We conducted a bottom-up analysis on in-scope identity for one of the world’s largest online gaming companies, resulting in revised role + responsibility-based access control and increased enterprise security.

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Our Clients

Deep talent and years of experience make us uniquely qualified to work with a wide range of businesses and government agencies.

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