CIAM Case Study

We transitioned a multi-site, multi-faceted, widely varying CIAM environment for our client to one based on a specific user profile, providing an individualized, single identity, user experience across the customer base.


Our Client had grown their business rapidly over the last decade, and had invested greatly in its people both in the IT organization and on the business side. However, with quick growth also came more applications/services, more projects, and thousands of people who would join the organization, leave, get promoted, need access to resources, and much more.

The organization had not built identity at the center of this expansion, which meant that at peak times they had an overworked identity team working with tools and processes that could not keep up with the needs of the business.


We came in for an assessment, and finding an old version of Tivoli (IBM) for IGA that lacked documentation due to decade long employee turnover, we got to work on building a Role and Attribute Matrix that took into account the organization’s structure, hierarchies, and their Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) Use cases based on their HRMS and stakeholder interviews with department heads and App/Service Owners.

Once built, we had identified the bulk of our opportunities to automate, and had built an RFP-ready IAM Case File that highlighted the current and future needs of the organization. We then held an open RFP invite to best of breed solution providers, and based on the best match for our client selected and implemented an Identity Governance solution built with efficiency and security at its core.


Over a 1.5 year span, our implementation took average onboarding time down from 3 days to 2 hours/ user. We automated close to 80% of previously manually administered Identity lifecycle tasks, and were able to integrate seamlessly with On-Premise Directories, services, and cloud infrastructures that leveraged strong, audit-friendly identity data for user and machine security. Most importantly, we took an overworked, and extremely intimidated identity team and turned them into experts on their organization who steward security and business readiness across the entire organizational landscape.


Product Catalog​

– Sailpoint IIQ (Identity Platform for Governance and Administration
– Sailpoint IdentityNow (Cloud Extensibility of Identity Data and processes)
– ServiceNow (ITSM integration with IGA and process remediation for Ticketing and Provisioning/Deprovisioning tasks)
– Radiant Logic (Directory and Database Consolidation)

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