Federal Government Agency

Partner IAM Case Study

A common-sense IAM solution approach enabled us to meet this financial agency’s stringent access requirements for thousands of institutional users, providing security, automation, peace of mind and increased efficiency.


RAAH Tech helped a large Federal Agency that regulates the US banking system continue to provide strong L2 and L3 level security for thousands of affiliated financial institutions and their employee users. The agency needed to reduce help desk assistance with password management, reduce login and timeout issues, define access levels at a wide range of banks for varying levels of employees, identify and challenge external users based on specific criteria as well as automate identity lifecycle. Additionally, the client wanted to maintain complete control without managing and administering at the bank/user level.


Special consideration was given to workflow-based user provisioning & deprovisioning, password management and access management for application resource protection.



RAAH’s Identity Management solutions provided complete administration, automation and control over user identities. We were able to provide Single Sign-On protocols for L1, L2 and L3 secured resources, delegate admin roles to banks to better manage employee registration (while still maintaining agency control), provide self-service password reset functionality to reduce help desk calls and establish risk-based, multi-factor identification to meet regulatory security requirement.

Product Catalog​

– CA Identity Manager
– CA SSO (SiteMinder)
– CA Advanced Authentication​

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