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CIAM Case Study

We helped our client better manage thousands of vendor relationships by providing services that allowed them to better manage supply chain transactions across complex, multi-channel touchpoints.


Our client, a customer-obsessed provider of fast, nutritious food and experiences, sought to create a supply chain Center of Excellence. They previously contracted with an independent provider to accurately track purchasing contracts, orders, relationships and sourcing channels against their in-store sales, usage and customer preferences. Additionally, they wanted to extend an industry-leading customer UX /CX to their partners and suppliers. A key missing element was a way to provide standardized and secure access to these systems for workforce and auditors as well as external partner and supplier organizations.


RAAH created a full scope Customer Identity Management solution that leveraged internal and external user data, enabling RBAC experiences in the application to connect people across multiple organizations. We helped increase workplace efficiency between vastly differing groups by plugging into the same authentication and authorization endpoint. This created varying login and in-app experiences based on user email domain, country/Domestic Market local, etc.


Our durable solution scaled to over 1000 supplier and vendor organizations, integrating with contracts, purchasing and ERP systems to build complex vendor-user-workforce user relationships that leveraged data from multiple systems. The system was also integrated into the Workforce Identity Lifecycle on the client-side and provided external organizations the ability to locally administer and manage their own users. RAAH selected and implemented a solution that secured APIs within the architecture used for data transfer between services to build this amalgamated UX.

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