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CIAM Case Study

In a strict, HIPAA-regulated environment, we rolled outpatient management and engagement platforms to a customer base dependent on IAM across multiple different systems and data protection adherence.


Our client, a global leader in auto-immune and infectious disease-centered healthcare, needed to ensure access to research data as well as protected patient information for providers and patients. An existing proprietary system provided a high level of access security. Multiple new programs acquired by the client and a very diverse range of customer interactions across multiple locations heightened the need for stringent HIPAA-compliant access management based on role, attribute need and identity.



RAAH worked with the client to provide a many-faceted CIAM approach. For patients, we onboarded profiles from several sites into multiple different customer directories allowing seamless access between any of the client’s 10 properties. We also built integrations that validated patient’s personal information with issuing authorities, like DDS, Social Security Administration, etc. For providers, we created bullet-proof RBAC/ABAC that allowed for existing identities across several organizations to have relationships with the appropriate Doctor-Nurse-Other-Patient interactions across the clients’ multiple sites.



Our solutions allowed for extensive patient records and history management as well as providing an open, easy way to interact across digital properties for all necessary parties. This enabled Virtual Visits, prescription histories, research studies and treatment program management while ensuring HIPAA compliance and boosting the quality of patient care.


Product Catalog​

– Okta Suite
– Microsoft Identity Manager
– Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD

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