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Workforce IAM Case Study

It was our privilege to work with a stellar business team who had recently experienced a boom in demand, and expected a large increase in hiring and an influx of enterprise customer data as a result of their good fortune in the market.

While an IT and Security organization was in place, and thorough in their documentation and understanding of their environment, it was clear to them that given projections from their marketing and sales departments that changes would have to be made to prepare for the next 5 years, as the majority of their processes were manual, albeit thoroughly audited and controlled, but would not be scalable with their current staff and technology stack.


Our Client had the need for Identity Solutions that could manage Partner Organization Identities as well as those of their internal employees. In addition, there was an expectation of partnerships with many SaaS product vendors for enablement of staff, and for building customer-facing services, so there was a need for a full-suite Identity Solution that encompassed Administration, Governance, Access Control and enablement, and Partner Identity.


We built a full-suite solution architecture that would scale as our client grew, which meant low spend while still growing, and scaling spend to their actual operations. We implemented Active Directory and Azure AD with an O365 partner organization of the client’s choosing. Our teams built out integrations with that AD to enable SSO, MFA, and overall access enablement with existing On-Prem and SaaS applications. The client also benefitted from our role engineering service, which tied into our implementation of an Identity Governance suite with built in audit functionality and privilege monitoring for threat monitoring and security first based access control and administration. RAAH also laid the groundwork for a Partner Identity Management Solution by architecting its framework in preparation for a purchase and implementation in late 2022 when business load is expected to ramp up and require it.


Over a 6 month period, we built an identity organization ready for the next 5-10 years of business growth and advancement in both the IT security and Identity space. We gave a stellar team with already great processes the tools to take a step back from manual work, automating but maintaining the standard of record keeping that already existed in a small scale environment to scale to a larger organizations needs down the line.

Product Catalog​

– Ping identity Suite for CIAM and Workforce Identity
– Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD
– Auth0 for Workforce and Customers (Free edition, scale to paid when needed).

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