Medical Supply Distributor

Partner IAM Case Study

Our solutions helped a major medical supply company fully engage with its many customers in a highly secure online environment that allowed for better shopping, procurement and order management.


A multi-national provider of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and proprietary research data and instruction for healthcare entities faced the daunting and expensive task of bringing a robust, organic User Management System into compliance with customer protection regulations of the European Union as well as the United States. The client needed an externally managed SaaS solution provider who could meet compliance requirements and maintain strong protocols that met compliance requirements in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Additionally, the partner would need to support and manage homegrown use-cases including SSO, cross-site federation, and complex supplier and vendor relationships for organization and partner Identity Management.



RAAH and the client worked together to draft comprehensive Identity Management requirements for the endeavor, identifying business needs and customer regulations and information security requirements in multiple markets, including Russia and China. After a thorough analysis and RFP process, RAAH took leadership and deliver responsibility of a multi-site, international Identity management deployment.



The result was standardized Identity Across all customer-facing sites. We developed a formalized implementation process and training for identity management for customers using a central global Identity Management Organization. This was cross-operated in the United States, UK, Italy, Japan and Australia for global coverage of the client’s 72 operating regions. This foundation and structure enable growth as the needs in less complex markets mature to match business demand.


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