Comprehensive IAM Assessment

A 30 Thousand Foot View.

The Challenge of IAM

Identity and Access Management is a challenge, and when considering that the impacts of poor IAM permeate every aspect of an organization, from Security to User/Employee satisfaction and productivity.

Bad IAM Wastes Time, Sacrifices Security, Hinders Productivity and can lead to disenfranchisement with Customers, Partners, and Employees that costs $$$.

When RAAH performs an IAM Assessment, we cover 3 Categories:

  • The Inner Workings of Your Organization (Workforce IAM)
  • Your Partner/B2B client Organizations and Customers and their digital interactions across multiple channels with your business (Partner IAM)
  • Your Customers/B2C customers and their digital interactions with you across Mobile Apps, Websites, etc (Customer IAM or CIAM)

Workforce IAM

  • Identity Governance:
    • HR Integrations
    • Roles, Entitlements, and Access Policies
    • Provisioning/Deprovisioning Processes
    • Attestation Processes
    • Identity Lifecycles
    • Extensibility of Corporate Identities into Cloud Environments
    • Administrative Overhead
    • Automation Gaps
    • Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) Process review and recommendations
    • Privileged Identity and Access Management (PAM)
    • Integrations with IT Service Management (ITSM and IAM review)
  • Identity Provider and Integrations with Applications (Federation and SSO)
    • Application Integrations
    • Authentication/Authorization
    • Directory Integrations
    • Full Hygiene report of Access and MFA Usage
Workforce IAM

Partner IAM (PAM)

  • Relational Experiences
    • Domain-Specific User Experiences for Partners and Business Customers Review
    • Delegated Role/Access Management to Partner Organizations Review
    • Review use of Appropriate Data relationships and Data Hygienics across systems
  • Cross-Domain Federation and SSO
    • Review use of Identity Best Practices to enable access to sensitive resources and data across disparate domains in an ever-changing partner/B2B customer landscape.
Partner IAM Services

Customer IAM (CIAM)

  • Compliance with Existing Standards like GDPR, CCPA, etc
  • Customer Data Retention and Risk Review
  • Digital Transformation Review:
    • API/Microservices Integration Readiness and Usage Review
    • Marketing/Customer Engagement Review
    • Security Review (MFA, Adherance to Industry Standards and Policy)
    • Identity Platform review
      • Migration Readiness Review (if required).
Customer IAM Services

Our Process

As part of our Review, we hit the ground to bolster your existing documentation and knowledge of your systems by:

  • Talking to Key Stakeholders, and Interviewing Pertinent Parties for Process evaluation
  • Assessing Future Needs vs. Current Capabilities
  • Defining High-Level Gaps Against Industry Standard
  • Presenting Findings and Discussing Next Steps

Regardless of your specific need, contact RAAH today to get started on this new leg of your Unique IAM journey.

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