Staffing Services

If you are looking for qualified Identity Personnel, look no further

RAAH's Direct Resources

We have our own team of experts on deck to serve your needs. They are available in the capacity you see fit.

Open Market Staffing Services

If our team doesn’t hold the exact expertise you are looking for, Identity being our bread and butter business makes us best suited to find yor fit on the open-market. Our contractor network in this space is vast.

Help Desk Staffing

Identity Help Desk Resources need to be well-versed in Identity Architectures and Toolsets, RCA, and understanding how to track and resolve client issues. We ensure your Help Desk Staff, as a first line of defense, is knowledgeable and fits your needs.

Why work with a Staffing Provider for Identity?

A Niche Industry requires Niche Knowledge

We are not generalists. When we source personnel, we know exactly what intangibles will make an excellent addition to any project or team.

Minimize Risk and Maximize your Candidate Pool

When we staff a resource, if you don’t think its a good fit, we offer a 2 week free replacement with a 100% refund on any billed time by that resource, which allows clients to comfortably ascertain overall fit.

Flexible and Considerate Pricing

We can staff your whole team, project, or individual requirements as needed. Our Pricing can be fixed, or on a /hour basis to fit your budget and needs, and does not have multiple layers of escalation before it reaches you.

No Hard Sell

Our resources speak for themselves. If you have a requirement, and don’t wish to engage formally till you see proof in the pudding, send us your requirement, and interview someone we source. If we were way off, we urge you to work with the competition.

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