Identity Hybridization

Let’s talk brass tacks; it’s 2019, and at this point, most organizations are customers to cloud service providers. On the flip side; it’s 2019, and most organizations with heavy investment in legacy, and On-Premise technologies are scrambling to find a way to leverage these investments for the future.

These trends can both be tracked and quantified by the successes of companies like Radiant Logic, a solution provider that specializes in leveraging legacy and cloud investments into a unified structure to manage identities in the cloud and On-premise.

Cloud Computing and Identity Management

If your organization already has an issue with tracking user identities in a dispersed environment, the problem only gets worse with the ever-growing shift to cloud-based technologies, increased Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestment etcetera. Adding more targets to point your identities at, when you don’t have a unified view of those identities, can lead to major issues both during on-boarding and off-boarding. This integration approach requires that targets link to identities with diverse and dispersed information, which can cause errors and issues that will run your ticket queue into the hundreds. Often, Identity sources are not unified, and not having a complete view of a user from every target system can lead to growing challenges in the modern IT environment.

Identity Management drives (or at least should drive) a vast majority of IT decisions in an Enterprise. Your Identity is tied to everything: Payroll, HR, Productivity Apps, Desktop Sign In, and even your lunch (if your office has those magical cards that get you free lunch as an employee) in some cases. Many times, however, your identity can exist in multiple places, at the same time, and often have nothing tying these individual identities together. While Dr. Jekyll may know Mr. Hyde, and vice versa, neither knows that the other is one in the same.

The Gig Economy and Identity AccessThe Gig Economy

Another obvious, but huge factor that can, and does, plague many organizations is the Gig economy. Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40% of American workers would be independent contractors. What this means for us Identity Geeks is hundreds of thousands of job changes – staff turnover. With even permanent employees changing positions frequently, provision and deprovision processes need to account for all the dispersed identity data tied to each person. When they don’t, you have issues with licensing users in downstream applications, orphan accounts open for access to individual systems, and much more.

As a Solution Strategist at RAAH Technologies, I see clients with varying levels of concern with modernizing their identity infrastructures, while simultaneously leveraging their existing technologies and identity investments for the future. If this sounds like an interesting topic of discussion, and you have more to contribute, reach out! We love hearing about unique use-cases and solutions that could better serve our clients. If this sounds like a problem that you might have, reach out to us via our website

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