Full Symphony

While we love our Strategic Partners for leveraging our expertise in their projects and initiatives, we prefer working directly with clients from Start to Finish.

The Full Symphony

The Full Symphony is a Combination of all our Services

Assessment > Advice & Guidance > Implementation > Results

We work as an extension of your business with the goal of making you self-sufficient upon project completion. When we leave, we don’t want to come back. That is a testament to our belief in the work we do. The end-product of this approach is guaranteed by RAAH to fulfill all the requirements identified in the Assessment phase and to ensure all vendors keep their promises.


Start to Finish

Make Better Decisions

Guidance for clients through seamless IAM journeys from assessment to adoption.


Knowledge Transfer

Learn About IAM

Complete education and knowledge transfer to stakeholders and teams.


Proven Methodology

Do Things Right

A proven framework to build IAM and CIAM programs and models that last.


Solutions that Work

Choose the Right Path

Architect solutions, roadmaps, and delivery are all tailored to client needs and goals.


Vendor Management

Get Better Results

Vendor Management comes with our guarantee to hold vendors accountable.


Promises Kept

Get Things Done

Ensure things go as planned and that the IAM tools work flawlessly.

Let’s Talk

We understand that identity is a universal key to business success.  Let us show you how we can ensure your business operations and sensitive data work for you, not against you.

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