Customer IAM

From securing that first sign-up, to creating data-driven marketing interactions, RAAH has been securing and solutionizing interactive customer experiences since the advent of CIAM.

Digital Transformation

Looking to completely change how customers engage with you? When securing their experiences on websites, mobile apps, and specialized web platforms, RAAH understands Customer Data is vital at every step. We understand not only the security, but the business drivers for the usage of that data in Downstream Marketing systems to create valuable experiences for customers, and to boost retention.

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API Access Management

To provide those meaningful and data-driven customer experiences, it is necessary to use the information customers provide you responsibly across multiple systems. At RAAH, we build identity solutions that are API friendly and provide superior security and usability across diverse environments and applications. User Data is a treasure trove of opportunity, for both Good and Bad actors, so we secure every API that provides this data, so you can confidently serve your customers.

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Tokenization and Blockchain Identity

Blockchain is the future of data storage and exchange. Our excitement for this stems from recent developments in the use of blockchain technology and its application in Identity and Access, and our understanding of its immutability and the tokenized storage of data within it.

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Platform Migration

We know moving from one CIAM solution to another, especially one that is actively in flight, is a little bit like jumping through 2 moving cars with the doors open. We specialize in migrating all user data, including password hashes, updating it, and seamlessly transitioning from one system to another, with your customers being none the wiser.

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Regulatory Compliance

We architect and build solutions that are compliant with the major public requirements for customer data retention. Based on your needs, you can rest assured that we build starts with adhering to public regulations that impact your business.

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SSO, and MFA via talk, text, biometrics, and QR

This goes back to the One Identity Principle. We firmly believe that customers, just like workforce users, should interact with your business with one identity, so our solutions focus on utilizing one Identity to access the multiple different resources your business offers to them. We also go a step further by making sure those user identities are protected by Strong MFA Options, including biometrics and QR codes where appropriate.

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Customer (B2C) Identity Case Studies


We transitioned a multi-site, multi-faceted, widely varying CIAM environment for our client to one based on specific user profile, providing an individualized, single identity, user experience across the customer base.

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Our support groups helped a mutli-national telecommunications conglomerate with over a billion users streamline service desk process flows and upgrade IAM systems over a widely dispersed, global enterprise.

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Health Care

In a strict, HIPAA-regulated environment, we rolled-out patient management and engagement platforms to a customer base dependent on IAM across multiple different systems and data protection adherence.

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We understand that identity is a universal key to business success.  Let us show you how we can ensure your business operations and sensitive data work for you, not against you.

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