Blockchain is the future of data storage and exchange. 

Our excitement stems from recent developments in the use of blockchain technology and its application in Identity and Access, and our understanding of its immutability and the tokenized storage of data within it.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) flips the script on centralized storage of important data, boasting more security with increase decentralization.

Identity Verification at Its Finest​

Gone are the days of long lines to use services because you need to validate user Identities. Our Solutions come with built-in identity verification mechanisms that plug directly into issuing services like DDS, Passport Verification, Social Security, and much more. These Verifications also involve the secure loading and storage of Identifying documentation for verification purposes. We do so in impenetrable and private/public blockchains that are immutable by design.

Tokenized Exchange of Data​​

Confidently request information from customers with the knowledge that their data is protected at every step- Collection to transmission and use. Never exchange the actual documents that users provide, simply utilize trust frameworks that provide tokens that validate documents and user authenticity to prevent chaos like Identity Theft, misrepresentation of user information, and complex legal struggles.


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