Partner IAM

When creating Customer Experiences for your business partners, RAAH knows the complexities that exist in managing the identities of Organizations that are not your own and the risks that come with that responsibility. Your business and the functional relationships with the partners who contribute to it are vitally dependent on a successful IAM footing to succeed.

Relational Experiences

If your firm works with multiple orgs that are either buyers or sellers in your partner network, they have external users to your organization who are not subject to your corporate identity policy. We build solutions that link users to their organizations and assign roles to those users that fit their role in their organization and the nature of their interactions with yours.

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Self-Service External Identity Management Solutions for Partner Organizations

The overhead to manage one’s own organization is extensive, so to manage multiple others would be unfeasible. RAAH builds solutions that provide your partner organizations the ability to administer and manage themselves, while you get to define the level of maximum or minimum access roles that they assign to their personnel can have in the first place. Whether it’s resetting passwords or CRUD actions for their users, RAAH makes sure a B2B or partner Identity solutions are built with ease of use and scalability as our primary criteria.

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Cohesive, Multi-Site SSO Experiences for External Organizations

The One Identity Principle is at the center of our solutions, and the same applies to B2B and partner experiences. Our solutions focus on providing organizations and users SSO experiences across all accessible digital resources that are secured with cutting-edge Strong MFA options.

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Partner (B2B) Identity Case Studies

Medical Supply Distributor

Our solutions helped a major medical supply company fully engage with its many customers in a highly secure online environment that allowed for better shopping, procurement and order management.

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Food Service

We helped our client better manage thousands of vendor relationships by providing services that allowed them to better manage supply chain transactions across complex, multi-channel touchpoints.

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Hardware Supplier

Our user management and federation solution boosted security for our client’s diverse customer base and greatly increased productivity and collaboration between our client and their customers.

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We understand that identity is a universal key to business success.  Let us show you how we can ensure your business operations and sensitive data work for you, not against you.

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