Delegated Identity Administration

The overhead to manage one’s own organization is extensive, so to manage multiple others would be unfeasible. 

RAAH builds solutions that provide your partner organizations the ability to administer and manage themselves, while you get to define the level of maximum or minimum access roles that they assign to their personnel can have in the first place. 

Whether it’s resetting passwords or CRUD actions for their users, RAAH makes sure a B2B or partner Identity solutions are built with ease of use and scalability as our primary criteria.

Full-Scope RBAC and ABAC for partner Organizations​

Partner User’s roles and responsibilities can be fluid, and change on any given day. Managing those changing relationships for thousands of partners is not a logical undertaking, so delegation is key. RAAH gives partner organizations the ability to assign accesses based on roles/attributes, to the level of granularity that makes sense for partners when it comes to their users and the differences in responsibilities.


Complete User Management and Self-Service Support​

Delegate Administrators from Partner organizations to manage their users, reset passwords, change profile attributes, and much more. This limits support calls to Functionality issues only, greatly decreasing password/MFA reset calls From First Hire to termination, user profiles can be linked to an organization’s hiring and firing processes, so that access can be controlled and removed without putting your resources at risk after a termination in a partner organization.


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