Relational Experiences

If your firm works with multiple orgs that are either buyers or sellers in your partner network, they have external users to your organization who are not subject to your corporate identity policy. 

We build solutions that link users to their organizations and assign roles to those users that fit their role in their organization and the nature of their interactions with yours.

Whether orchestrating experiences for buyers, shippers, bill payers, view only roles, or more, RAAH is experienced in creating relational data based identity UX to fit your needs.

Merge Relevant Data from ERPs, Master Data Systems and More to Build Partner UX​

When building experiences for B2B buyers and sellers, data is dispersed across many different systems. Having information about users and organizations residing in multiple sources can be a hassle when creating real-time customer experiences. To link external users to their organization, and to then give them rights based on their position in that organization to use your services requires having comprehensive contextual data about both users and organizations in your Identity System.


Create Custom Registration/Login Experiences based on Context Data​

Design reactive forms and user flows that are based on user email domain, roles, and more to create entirely custom experiences and progressive profiling journeys for all the different types of customers in your eco-system Make onboarding users from different organizations an easy, automated, and seamless process versus expending manpower and time in securely loading and creating users manually.

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