RAAH Specializes in Securing Applications, Fileshares, and dev/live environments that live in your AWS

  • We assist with extending your Corporate Domain Identities into AWS with automated provisioning of those identities with the appropriate Roles/Entitlements, Groups, and Access Policies in your Identity Governance Systems, Directories, and AWS.
  • Federate your Corporate Identities into your AWS stacks so you can extend your existing Password Policies, MFA implementations, and more into your cloud environments seamlessly by leveraging your existing IDP and MFA providers.
    • Extend functionality between AWS Account instances using Federation and SSO that enables seamless User Experiences driven by Role Management Specific to each AWS Account.
    • Buildout Conditional Access and MFA that enables fine-grained security controls
  • We also provide integrations with Identity Governance and Administration systems to assist with instant Deprovisioning across all applicable AWS environments so your organization is secure from Day 1 to Day 0.
  • Best Practices IAM Integration Methodologies with AWS stacks.
  • Root and IAM User Hygiene-based Approach to AWS IAM.
  • Integration and securing of AWS APIs.

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