Blockchain: The New Frontier of Identity

The Blockchain brings possibilities to Identity and Access Management and verification that decades of research and development couldn’t predict.

The use of an immutable, decentralized, node consensus-based trust ledger system in Identity brings both bulletproof record keeping, but also a revolution in data storage as a whole for both Personal and Corporate Data Usage.

RAAH works with partners in the Identity Space that focus purely on decentralizing user identities, 2nd factors, and other identifying documentation in a way that puts control over data in the hands of its owners- End Users.

Blockchain in Hiring​​

Ever wondered how much you really know about your new hire? Sure, the background check passed, credit check, etc, but what about their employment history? While references are generally acceptable today, we would be remiss if we said these things couldn’t be faked; We’ve caught fake resumes in our hiring process too! Identity Verification based on the blockchain allows you to verify documents with issuing authorities using smart contracts, as well as allows users to store their data in a secure chain without exchanging that data but instead sharing a token that signifies that trusted authorities have signed off on the documents, like passports, driver’s licenses, and more’s authenticity. This can also be tied to employment history, making it so hiring managers can validate users’ employment or request employment verification from past jobs that log that validation in an immutable data source.


Blockchain-based MFA​​

A common issue with verifying user factors provided for MFA is validating if a user’s factor actually belongs to them. A biometric of a person who steals a Social Security number and signs up to a trading platform only holds up to scrutiny if it is verified before allowing its use. Common examples of this are verification of Driver’s licenses and photographs provided by end-users of themselves to validate that they are who they say they are, and thereby allowing the use of the factors they provide as apt for accessing sensitive data and allowing sign-up to privileged services.


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