Workforce IAM

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

Sources of Truth Analysis and Profile Building

The first step in building complete Corporate Identities is to locate where all the context data about a person who works at your organization exist. This includes:

  • First, Middle, Last Names
  • Job Family (Accounting, Finance, etc)
  • Job Role (Finance Analyst 1, Accounts Payable Associate 1, etc)
  • Seat/Position (This is a rare distinction of users that is extremely valuable. Certain job roles have strictly defined duties based on their role, but even further are the individual seats in the headcount that have specific duties based on the position type, which is more context for an Identity).

We also recommend consolidating multi-system data into one HR system that Identities can be pulled from in entirety, as this leaves a clean audit trail and is easier to support, versus working with multiple systems and teams to resolve Identity issues.

An Identity Governance system must be Data Agnostic when it comes to sourcing data from different places.

Integration with an Identity System

User Data may exist in Multiple Systems before it lands in your Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) System.

  • A Solid IGA tool should be able to pool context data from Multiple Sources of Truth
  • With multiple sources, an IGA system must be able to combine all the data into a single, unified profile for downstream usage.

Regardless of your source, Workday, Oracle, Peoplesoft, ADP, or even a homegrown HR solution, any IGA system we recommend takes into account transferring data through Reports, REST APIs, SOAP APIs, or via custom data transfer utilities based on your source of User data.

Process, Process, Process

This is the most integral part of any Identity System. Having full visibility of an Identity means understanding and documenting every aspect of its lifecycle. From Day 1 to Day 0, an Identity goes through stages like:

  • Initial Hire
  • Promotion/Demotion
  • Horizontal Moves to different business units
  • Collaboration Periods(Roles for cross-team collaboration)
  • Voluntary and Involuntary Terminations

Architecting a solution for bulletproof Identity Management begins with understanding the user journey of all the different types of users in your organization, and automating as much of that process as is feasible while auditing the manual aspects of that process.

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