IT Service Management

An IAM program should aim to be tightly integrated with the existing software that supports the Service Catalog that is most used by your organization’s users. 

This streamlines request processes and eases adoption of self-service functionality by users, as well as creates a supporting Audit trail for all Identity-related requests. 

Manual request fulfillment outside the Service Landscape should be avoided in modern organizations. 

Integrating IGA Toolset with ITSM Platform​

When an IGA system has workflows defined for all the different aspects of your lifecycle, including requests for access and other changes to an identity, it becomes a matter of mapping Service Requests in your ITSM platform (like ServiceNow), to your IGA system’s workflows to easily kick-off those processes. Integration between the two will mean that users can request, and admins can fulfill Identity-related tasks almost entirely from the ITSM platform using the IGA system as the engine that backs your service portal. While boasting major cost savings and efficient resolution times for Identity Centric processes, this also opens up a world of possibilities for reporting, analytics, and being prepared for audits in the future.

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