Lifecycle Administration

User Identities go through many changes through their lifetimes in your organization. 

Aside from Joiner and Leaver use cases, Mover use cases like promotions, demotions, cross-team collaboration, and much more are typically complex to handle manually.

Our solutions provide organization administrators visibility and control, while offering users the ability to start work on day 1, seamlessly move through your organization as their roles and responsibilities change, and process terminations (voluntary or otherwise) swiftly and securely.  

Onboarding for the Modern Enterprise

A strong Identity Management Program takes minutes or seconds, not hours or days, to onboard new users to your organization. Your resources should be working from their first payable day. If you factor in the average income of an associate at your organization in 1 week, and extend that to every new hire that comes through that isn’t immediately able to work, the added costs becomes uncomfortable to say the least.

Provisioning and De-Provisioning​

People’s roles at work are constantly changing, as do their job responsibilities, team memberships, and in some cases their status as an active employee in your environment.

An Identity Program should account for changing roles, collaboration between teams, legal holds, terminations (either voluntary or involuntary) and respond accordingly. A great deal of responsibility falls on a structured Identity Lifecycle driven by provisioning and deprovisioning processes that are tied to those processes, the absence of which can lead to embarrassing and expensive news headlines.

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