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Workforce IAM Case Study

We conducted a bottom-up analysis on in-scope identity for one of the world’s largest online gaming companies, resulting in revised role + responsibility-based access control and increased enterprise security.


A leading developer of the world’s most popular social games invited RAAH Tech to provide data clean-up reports and help define roles based on job function in order to provide control.



We conducted an overall analysis of the business to better understand technical and business requirements for a platform that each day engages millions of users worldwide. We helped identify and correlate identities, analyzing for orphan identities and high-risk group accounts. We worked to establish relationships of various data sources and presented those findings for client review.



By incorporating this feedback, we were able to define new roles and best practices for RBAC readiness. Our bottom-up analysis on in-scope identity and entitlement data helped clean up and map orphan accounts to specific users, defined access based on job roles and responsibilities, removed unnecessary users and prepared the platform for Access and Entitlement Certification.


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