Platform Migration

We know moving from one CIAM solution to another, especially one that is actively in flight, is a little bit like jumping through 2 moving cars with the doors open. 

We specialize in migrating all user data, including password hashes, updating it, and seamlessly transitioning from one system to another, with your customers being none the wiser.

Planning a Migration​

We work with All the application and services teams that use Identity data when we migrate from one platform to another. We migrate all the integrations that are current, and future proof for changing Service landscapes We tear away the complexity of Migration projects by applying our framework for Identity and our “One Identity Principle” in creating datastores that adhere to a single, unified customer view to support your new migration.


Post Migration Support and Integration​

With a new Identity System in place, supporting it with the right team who can work with your operations, developers, and customer service teams is key to get the most value possible from your investment. RAAH builds IAM solutions that will work across multi-web platforms, integrate with best-of-breed analytical tools, and fit perfectly into a Customer-Centric Marketing and Analytics stack that leverages big data for real business value.

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