Digital Transformation

Identity is at the Center of Digital Transformations

When it comes to studying your Customer, your first look should be at their first known touch; Where they sign up for a newsletter, or to your loyalty programs and ordering services. A user’s first stop is through Customer Identity and Access Management systems.

These touchpoints can be on ordering terminals, through marketing mailers, your website, mobile apps, and they all use User Identity Data to build relevant experiences for customers.

Build Rich Profiles About your Users​

Start at registration, and follow them through the whole customer journey. With custom registration screens and progressive profiling plug-ins for in-service data gathering from end-users, you can build profiles that grow automatically when users sign up, look at merchandise, engage in loyalty programs, or pay for goods and services. With rich identity data, organizations can roll out services and customer engagement programs with ease and speed, as well as integrating data from those programs into their Customer Profiles. Identity allows you to continue to build an understanding of your customers through the duration of their relationships with you.


Create Custom Identity Based CX​

With Rich profile data, every user’s uniqueness becomes accessible to build user data responsive dashboards, purchasing journeys, offers, and more. With a future-proofed CIAM solution, businesses can make Identity a foundational data layer for integration with downstream systems and services to kick off very custom service experiences that increase sales and retention.


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