Community Involvement

RAAH Technologies is a proud sponsor and partner of the

TechBridge Association

Our involvement extends beyond a sponsorship, as the leaders of our company are heavily involved with TechBridge to better the world.

Hunger Relief

Food security is our most basic need. TechBridge empowers nonprofits on the frontlines of hunger relief to efficiently serve those struggling to put food on their tables. Ensuring that vulnerable populations have a stable source of food is the first step in the journey out of poverty.

Homeless Support

At TechBridge, we understand that providing both on-demand, emergency housing and long-term, stable housing grants stability for families and individuals. When people experiencing poverty have access to shelter, they can focus on improving their lives.

Social Justice

In non-criminal or “civil” legal cases, Americans do not have the right to a court-appointed lawyer. For this reason, TechBridge is bringing Legal Service Organizations (LSOs) online to match pro bono attorneys with low-income clients.

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