The RAAH Way

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The RAAH Way

When IAM is at its most efficient, redundancies are eliminated, costs are reduced and revenues are optimized. Our 360-degree process – from assessment to implementation – ensures the solutions we offer and the services we perform work in tandem to maximize your company’s Identity & Access Management.

Phase 1: Assess

  • Initial Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Findings & Recommendations

Phase 2: Select

  • Partner RFI Reviews
  • Internal Stakeholder Reviews
  • Vendor Solution Selection

Phase 3: Build & Run

  • Road Map Design
  • Solution Delivery & Analysis
  • Ongoing Support

Phase 4: Achieve

  • Go Live
  • Ongoing Continuous Support
  • Train the Trainer

Phase 1: Assessment

Initial Assessment

We figure you what’s working and what’s not working.

Gap Analysis

We identify the gaps between the current situation and the desired outcome.

Findings and Recommendations

We present our preliminary recommendations based on stakeholder interviews, testing and analysis.

Phase 3: Build & Run

Road Map Design

We build an IAM road map of deliverables, timelines and key milestones to go from where we are to where we want to go.

Solution Implementation

We ensure all solution partners follow through on their commitments made during the RFP process.

Solution Analysis

We stay engaged to ensure that all systems, tools and reporting dashboards are working as expected.

Ongoing Support

We help you fix things if and when they get out of whack.

Phase 2: Selection

Partner RFI Reviews

Our team will set up meetings with all the technology vendors that meet your project requirements and ensure the right decisions get made.

Internal Stakeholder Reviews

Once we know what is possible, we will meet with your company’s key stakeholders to ensure everything gets done right.

Vendor Solution Selection

Once all the details are confirmed in writing, we will select the right vendor partners and software technology to move your business forward.

Phase 4: Achieve

Go Live

We ensure smooth transitions to Production systems with rigorous QA, Load, User Acceptance (UAT), and Penetration testing for all our solutions.

Ongoing Support

Post MVP Go Live, our teams will be made available on a needs basis for continuous improvement and feature enhancements.

Train The Trainer

RAAH provides documentation, training, and full handover to our clients so they can manage themselves. Our goal is expediency in implementation, and ease in future administration. 


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