RAAH provides industry-leading Security and Identity Solutions that serve as a foundation for business growth. We use IAM to Empower your Workforce, Engage with your Customers, and Extend your business perimeter with Partners.

Platform Agnosticism Means Solutions that Fit Best

We recommend and implement solutions that work best for you. We don’t care which platforms, as long as they provide perfect alignment with your business needs and goals.

Workforce Identity and Access Management

The workplace of the 21 st century is digital! From swiping into the building to logging into SaaS applications, security, specifically Identity and Access Management, MUST be central to an organization’s Workforce Empowerment.

RAAH provides Workforce solutions backed by decades of experience, tailored to our clients’ needs.

Workforce IAM
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Customer Identity and Access Management

As with the modern workplace, with the boom of e-commerce, social media, and an overall expansion in Online Services, a significant portion of your customer bases live online. They pay bills, buy merchandise, promote their favorite businesses and interests, and interact almost entirely online.

Our specialty is securing these experiences and adding business value and compliance with public standards in the process. We make sure your customers’ trust is not misplaced when they interact with you online.

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Partner Identity and Access Management

Partners can be customers, collaborators, or cohorts who believe in the vision of your business.

When looking to build a solution that provides enterprise customers the ability to shop with you online, or when you need to provide access to firewalled resources to collaboration partners to empower their work, RAAH specializes in Identity Solutions that address these complex organizational relationships and the art of securing those experiences to make business faster.

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Our Motivation Makes the Difference

The RAAH approach provides superior flexibility, efficiency and seamless integration, independent of a partner’s bottom line. Our only goal is client satisfaction with the overall solution and a successful end result.  The tool doesn’t matter; your IAM success does.

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No matter who you are, Identity and Access Management plays a role in your life. Unless you live under an actual rock (at which point you wouldn’t be reading this), it plays a vital role in every aspect of your interactions online, at work, and otherwise. Download our Free IAM Guide to learn what this means to you.

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Our Partners

We partner with the world’s best technology companies and solutions providers.

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We understand that identity is a universal key to business success.  Let us show you how we can ensure your business operations and sensitive data work for you, not against you.

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