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From foundational IAM to innovative cybersecurity solutions, our array of solutions is designed to meet diverse business demands, ensuring you stay secure in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

Companies that trust RAAH


Companies that trust RAAH​

3 Keys to building strong IAM Programs

Customers, employees and partners rely on secure Identity and Access Management to run their businesses. Without it, operations, processes and information access grind to a halt. RAAH provides Identity Solutions that are central to business operations.

RAAH orchestrates Identity in client environments that accounts for 360 Degree visibility and control that puts the power in your users’ hands and keeps that power in check. We build clear, auditable, and secure processes to support Enterprise Users and their Identities.

Every Client is unique. We emphasize the importance of aligning IT, Support, and the business from top-down, and architect solutions that eliminate process gaps that cause slowdowns in workforce productivity and inefficiencies in CX and UX.

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Words from Our IAM Clients

“We have engaged RAAH for their expertise in Networks and Security technologies. We’ve been working together for about 1 ½ years and they have been instrumental to the success of a complex project we had with one of our airport customers. They have been very professional, extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with on all levels. I appreciate all of the efforts and look forward to be able to work with them in the future on other projects.”

Denise Hughes

Denise Hughes

Senior Account Manager, SITA Inc. USA

“RAAH’s advisory services were integral to understanding the depth of our project which included: Sources of data, target systems, processes, and understanding the complexities of mergers and acquisitions as they relate to IAM. RAAH provided strategies that supported services instrumental to our Oracle Identity and Access Management and Okta solutions. Their expertise was key in designing and implementing measures to bolster our IAM program.”

Gary Burpo

Gary Burpo

Director of Technology (IAM), Cox Auto

“We have engaged RAAH for their expertise and personnel in the Identity and Access Management space on more than one occasion. Their team of developers, testers, BAs architects, and SME’s allow RAAH to provide both solutions and professional expertise that capture the needs of every aspect of your IAM portfolio. It was a pleasure leveraging them to keep our IAM and API security footholds strong and in tune with our business needs.”

Todd Oxford

Todd Oxford

Senior Security Director, Bed Bath & Beyond


Our IAM experts are here to guide you through seamless integration, robust security measures, and comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions tailored to your enterprise needs.

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